Phone no longer charges

I have a Samsung S5 cell phone. It just now stopped charging. ??

I have tried at least 3 different charging cables, and 3 different chargers.

I also removed the battery and did a factory reset.

Anyone have any other ideas?


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Charger, cable, damaged USB port in the phone, build-up of dirt/lint in the USB plug or socket. Faulty charging circuit in the phone, or maybe the battery is completely dead.

The most likely cause is a damaged USB port in the phone.

Use a multimeter to check the battery voltage. Clean out the USB socket using a toothpick. Make sure the battery contacts are clean. Inspect the USB socket for damage.

If all else fails, you probably need a new USB port. You can buy a complete PCB with socket for just a few €/£/$. You will need to dismantle the phone to get at the socket. Plenty of guides on YouTube.

Good luck.

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