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> > > > > > > Neil Green wrote: > > > >> This may be the wrong group but I figure > >> electronics > >> is kinda universal, and the good people here have > >> helped me before. > >> I have a constant high pitched hum coming from the > >> internal PC speaker, the one connected to the > >> motherboard. > >> The connector is oriented correctly. > >> At first it was intermittent but now is constant, > >> so > >> I've pulled the lead off to disable the speaker. > >> The PC is running perfectly, and I can't find any > >> information on this problem with Google, except > >> that > >> apparently a batch of HP computers (which this one > >> isn't) apparently had a similar problem caused by a > >> leaky rectifier on the motherboard. > >> Does anyone have any ideas? > > > > See if there's a group for HP PCs ? > > > > This cerainly isn't an audio question. > > > > Graham > > It's not a HP, and I'm sorry if this is the wrong > group but I figured that hum from a speaker is audio. > I know this group is mainly concerned with hi-fi stuff > but I don't know where else to ask.

sci.electronics.repair and sci.electronics.basics come to mind.

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Sod it, I'll do it myself.


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Most common cause is the audio ground connection coming adrift in the connecting lead/plugs/sockets, in the lead from pc to speakers. A multimeter will check this lead. Much less common is a bad suppply electrolytic.


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I believe he is speaking abou the internal pc speaker not the sound card and external speakers.

- Mike

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Michael Kennedy

What, that little buzzer that does the "beep" when you start up? Sure, throw it away.

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