noise lecture

I'm giving my kids a little lecture on noise this afternoon. Here's my outline.

Did I miss anything?

Noise In Electronics Notes

JL Feb 25, 2019

Conductors, atoms, electrons

Johnson/Nyquist noise Ej = sqrt(4KTRB) RMS Power, voltage, current Flat finite spectrum CoE Equivalent thermal conductivity The sky is cold

Shot noise Is = sqrt(2qI) RMS Not in metallic conductors, maybe in cermets/carbon In semi junctions, base currents, photodiode currents Worse in PMTs and APDs PMTs as radar jammers

Excess noise 1/f flicker grain boundaries pentode grid partition tempco driven

Thermal noises Resistor tempco Air flow turbulance Thermoelectrics

Piezo noise, mostly caps

Magnetic loop pickup

Opamps Voltage and current noise PSRR RF rectification

Bipolar transistors Rb


CMOS Popcorn noise

Fans Vibration Mag fields E fields from blades power supply ripple

RF Junction rectification Digital logic spikes TV, cell phones Sutro tower Fluorescent lights, motor controllers

PSRR Can be worse than 0 dB Watch DC, too

IC photo sensitivity chip-scale stuff

Ground loops Many goofy theories about grounds and shielding Differential is best

Zeners and noise diodes

Gas discharge devices Noise tubes in magnetic fields Neons in waveguides

Noise figure meters

Noise makes jitter

Spice No noise analysis in time domain Can cheat

PCB layout

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