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I have a Lincoln SA200 welder that puts out 40 volts dc. Is there a way that I could use a conventional 12v or 24v dc/ac inverter to convert the welder's 40 v dc current to 110 v 60hz ac current. I'm not very knowledgeable about inverters so if this is a stupid question, go easy on me. If I can't use a 12 or 24 v dc inverter, is there such a thing as a 40 v dc inverter?

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Actually, there are 48V inverters made to provide small amounts of

120VAC from phone power.

Your 40VDC is not regulated, and it's got all kinds of noise. It will surely smoke any inverter you put there.

I'd look at using an isolation stepdown transformer from the mains if you want to get your 208/240/480 stepped down to 120VAC.

Good luck Chris

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