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Hello good day! I need a simple circuit to detect the turbidity of the reuse water from the washing machine, that is, discard the 1st water and reuse the others, a very simple circuit for a low-income community. Thank you Marcos

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Marcos Loyola
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On a good day, you can measure the turbidity using an Arduino, a LED, a phototransistor, and a resistor.

The problem normally has more to do with how to keep the optical window clean.(*) That might be easier with a clothes washer, because the flow is pretty strong and frequently has a lot of detergent and bubbles, which should help.

It'll need some experimenting, though.

How high-tech is your setup? I assume you have a storage tank, but how does the water get in and out, and how is that controlled?


Phil Hobbs

(*) If you have the time, and a nearby library can get a copy, Mark Johnson's "Photodetection and Measurement" is an excellent read. Mark was the head of quality assurance for a bit water utility in England, and really knows turbidity measurements. A lot of it is quite accessible at hobbyist level.

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Phil Hobbs

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