DC female jack - which wire is which?

Hey all, this should be fairly easy.

I have a 7" LCD monitor that was designed primarily for car use, it has a red (+) and black wire for the power. It needs 12VDC 700mA. I want to use it in my house, installed under a cabinet. I purchased an AC/DD power supply that has a 2.1mm male plug at the end. So I also purchased a 2.1mm female jack with the exposed wired at the end. My question is, which of the two wires coming out of the female jack do I attach to the red and black wires of the unit?

Both of the wires are black. One wire just has grey striping on it, the other actually has text such as 22AWGX2C VW-1 300v and 80 degrees. (I am assuming this is the positive, but instead of just doing it, I want to check first).

Any help would be appreciated!

thank you.

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Why not buy a 'cheapo' digital meter ?? Using that you can check the polarity of the output of the power pack and many other things around the house, (batteries, leads, lampbulbs etc etc)

-- Regards ..... Rheilly Phoull

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Rheilly Phoull

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