battery amperes matching

If a camera draws 1 amp.,and I connect it to a battery that can supply

10A,will it do any harm to the camera ,IF the volts correct for the camera? Thanks.
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The camera draws what it needs so this is perfectly okay.

It's like saying your sink needs 5 gallons but the faucet leads to Lake Erie.

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Lord Garth

It should pose no problem, as the device using the power, not the device supplying it, determines how much current will actually flow. Attach a (correct voltage) source to it that can supply *at least* the amperage required, and everything should "just work".

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Don Bruder

No. The batteries set the upper bound on how much current a load can draw (the short circuit current) and a practical upper bound on load current, based on the capacity (ampere hours) and internal resistance (that lowers the voltage as the load current drops some of the voltage across the internal resistance. But if neither of these limits is in effect, the load just uses as much current as it needs. A bigger battery just lasts longer.

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John Popelish

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