Any free reverse phone numbers look up sites anymore?

I wanted to look up a call I got this morning, I can't find a free reverse look up any more, I tried four, all want a payment. Know of any? Mikek

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all want money for details, but you can find whether landline, or cellphone and the city, state ...sometimes

if public domain, sometimes they'll post the name

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Yep, I found all that but, I used to be able to find out who called. I think it was an insurance company trying to fax me. I'm shopping for liability insurance for a boat. After 12 years, the marina now wants a liability policy. Mikek

An etymological curiosity: "used to", I understand it, use it, but it just doesn't seem right.

Used to---At previous time ;-|

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You can still find some for white pages stuff, like

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, which I just tried. Business and cell numbers may or may not be in there.

There are some "user created" reverse lookups like , , . These are mostly for spam and scam calls, but sometimes normal businesses are listed.

Matt Roberds

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