troubleshooting: Agilent 3616A power supply

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I'm only asking as maybe this is a common failure mode somebody has seen.

Got an actual Agilent badged 3616A power supply, one of the half-rack  
width deals with the LED voltage and current display and a single 36volt  
1.6A output.

Out of the blue, the current meter seems to read strange phantom currents  
that decrease slowly, like you're charging a large capacitor. It also  
seems to have a lag when measuring real currents. The lag is at least  
several seconds.

I just recall this thing being a hassle to work on before. Opened it once  
to swap power receptacles because of the shock hazard recall.  

If not, I'll report back with what I find at some point.

Re: troubleshooting: Agilent 3616A power supply
Cydrome Leader wrote...
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 That set of HP's half-rack series of power supplies
 is actually easy to work on, IF you have a schematic.

 But the schematics that I've seen don't detail the
 3.5-digit panel-meter wiring.  If the problem is
 simply a matter of faulty readout, and the supply is
 working properly, then you have a bad DVM IC circuit.
 Get the ADC-display-driver IC's part number, and its
 datasheet will show typical wiring.  Either there's
 a wiring failure (connector) or a bad IC.

    - Win

Re: troubleshooting: Agilent 3616A power supply
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Well heck, that was easy.

Disconnecting and reconnecting the 11 pin connector between the board and  
display seems to have "fixed" it. I did run through the calibration steps  
in the Agilent  


It was necessary to pry the double stack PCB display board out of the  
front panel. It's two plastic tabs you can sort of get to from the top  
of the power supply if you slip the cover off. Gently press those, and  
wiggle the display board out by pulling on the sides.

Oddly, only needed a spudger and fine screwdriver for adjusting some mini  
10 turn Bourns pots. The design is nicer than I recalled, and the mostly  
tool-free design reminds me of Motorola back when they were in business  
and made good radios and cell phones.

Writing inside the cover indicates I replaced the AC receptable in 2008.

Any opinions on "keysight" design, build or service since the rename?  

Re: troubleshooting: Agilent 3616A power supply
On Tue, 21 May 2019 03:25:02 +0000 (UTC), Cydrome Leader

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Service policy depends on model number. info on website.

For data loggers it invlolves a  complete swap +$ ~retail cost of an
uncallibrated replacement. . . .

So you might as well fix it and get a local lab to calibrate, if you
need traceability.


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