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If you email them for same, of course you won't get any. But they will put you on their spam lists.


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John Larkin
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You can thank all the tards for that, you think usenet has problems, t'ain't nothing compared to what support sees...

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Fred Bloggs

They haven't done that to me yet. But I am still waiting for a support answer for a while. I had called but they just gave me a case number and said I have to email that back with my questions. So I did. Today I called again. They promised to "escalate" the case. And no, of course they cannot call the real app engineers. And no, I can't call them either. And no, they don't even have their phone numbers.

That used to be different last year and since I'll be at this year's MSP430 session that topic is number one on my list of questions.

Harumph, grumble ...

Regards, Joerg

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