TI no longer provides tech support.

There should be an app, or spreadsheet macros. A job for an intern? Programming some of the Analog Devices DDS chips is also a nightmare.

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Winfield Hill
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Rob wrote the C code to program the Si571, and it's fairly iterative. This one might be worse.

It would be easy, if tedious, to hit a target frequency to within, say, 1 PPM. To find the BEST set of numbers to hit a target, and to know how far off the 2nd best is (ie, the worst-case resolution) is sure something I don't want to try. I don't need a PhD.

TI should provide appnotes and example c code. I can't find either.

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John Larkin
[about customer service rerouting to a forum through filters]

Inquiry from a customer? That's a sales call. Sales wants your address and phone and e-mail for brochure distribution. Sales doesn't have answers (especially since they were outsourced).

"...here, try our forum."

In a fantasy world of the future, Watson 4.2.06 will keep you fully informed on the products sold by IBM affiliates worldwide...

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Having a Ph.D.wouldn't help there, and working out how to do it wouldn't ge t you a Ph.D.

Getting a Ph.D. can involve solving that kind of messy problem, so somebody who had might be a better choice to do it than John Larkin, but anybody wh o was prepared to think hard about what they were doing would probably be e qually useful, and more useful than John Larkin, who curls up into a fetal position when confronted with anything that cals on him to do something tha t he hasn't done before.

Surprise, surprise. He won't even go to a forum to look.

Bill Sloman, Sydney
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