Semiprecise low voltage low current voltage reference


I need a voltage reference with the following specs:

Vin = 900mV to 5V Vref = anywhere from 100mV to 900mV, but must be fixed value (max 10% tolerance). So if the reference is 500mV, min/max is 450mV/550mV Reference current = max 10uA

The normal two transistor bandgap with temperature compensation has a nominal value of 1150mV, which is too high since then we need more than 1150mV to operate it.

Been playing with a resistor fed forward biased diode to yield say

300mV. But tempco is 2mV/K, initial tolerance in the range of +/- 25mV due to production spread, combined with no way to provide accurate current for the diode means that this is not a feasable way forward

Googling commercial ICs got me nowhere, minimum 1.2V reference at this low drive current :-(

Anyone got an idea?



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Klaus Kragelund
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There are single-chip options.. eg. LT3008.. or NCP585 (cheaper).

Best regards, Spehro Pefhany

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Spehro Pefhany

And the LM10 might work. It works with a supply voltage down to 1.1V, and includes a 200mV voltage reference. It isn't all that cheap, though the cheaper - 7V max supply voltage - LM10CL sounds as if it would do.

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Bill Sloman, Nijmegen
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Bill Sloman

A schottky diode bandgap? Two grounded diodes, run at different currents, and measure the difference, or something like the difference, that gives zero TC.

Of course, there might be details...


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John Larkin

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