SDK-86 manuals needed


I obtained a SDK-86 (after many years of looking). I am working on repairing it but have no documentation. I believe that it's up and running. I am questing for information on using the Keypad commands. In particular, I am looking for details on how to Single Step, EW [examine word], etc. In addition, I would greatly appreciate a simple program with instructions on keying it in to test the SDK-86 operability (possibly an excerpt from one of the below manuals).

If someone has manuals that they are willing to part with or make a copy of I would love to get them. I believe the SDK-86 manuals are (in order of priority):

  1. SDK-86 MCS-86 System Design Kit User's Guide 2. SDK-86 MCS-86 System Design Kit Assembly Manual 3. SDK-86 System Design Kit Monitor Listing

Please forward any information directly to me at

Thank you in advance

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