schematic power supply 0-150 VDC

I need a schematic diagram for variable regulated power supply 0-150 VDC and 2A thanks,

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Rich Grise

Some values are left as TBD. If you like the idea, I'll help you work out the values.

I'll break it into 3 parts.

Part 1: You need some small fixed voltage supply to runt the control electronics from. This is just a bridge and a transformer. The only special requirements are that it makes enough 5V as Vcc to run the electronics and has a connection to the transformer secondary brought out as a signal I'll call "CROSS"

You will also need on/off switches and a pot to set the voltage with. The POT can simply use the Vcc as a reference.

Part 2 the controller ascii art:

Vcc Vcc ! Vcc ! O 1N5304 ! ----- --- ----- ---!THR ! 10K ! ! ! ! ! Q!--/\\/\\--!!--A Cross -/\\/\\--+-+-------------! !----+---!TRG ! ! FB-----! ! ----- CMOS-555 O POT----! ! ! --- 1N5304 ----- PIC GND ! ! GND GND

Part 3 the power section:

220VAC ------------------------- ! V SCR --- / ! 10R A----- --- +-----/\\/\\--------+-----+---- Vout )!!( ! ! ! )!!( ! --- \\ GND--- ------- --- / ! \\ GND ! +-- Vfb ! \\ / \\ ! GND
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Ken Smith

a small boost regulator based on the IR1150 chip to get you a bus voltage in the 200-300 volt range, followed by a small adjustable buck to give your target output with current limiting -- you are looking at a couple of chips, a coupla big MOSFETs, a few resistors and capacitors, and a couple of inductors that may have to be hand wound :) (no different in essence than the 200v 40amp boost-buck design that I'm working on right now, except you want voltage mode regulaton. I run my bus at 400 volts, and use multiple boosts and bucks to share the load :)

International rectifier has a designer for the boost converter on their website that will hand you the schematics on a platter along with all the component values

then all you need to do is design the buck -- which should be fairly easy with all the online resources for buck converters.

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John Barrett

A Variac, a bridge rectifier and some big capacitors? And maybe an insulation transformer!


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Wim Ton

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