RS232 autoranging frequency counter update

RS232 autoranging frequency counter update. Added input cap, and build it into a D connector, photos here:

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Bet his is the smallest frequency counter on earth :-)

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Jan Panteltje
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David L. Jones

Actually if you forget about the pic and go with a FPGA, your max freq would be higher. You could even do rs232 in a larger device. The LCD state machine might be a problem. Straight LED driver would be easy in a smaller device for the same $10. An ACEX altera is 300mhz.



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Martin Riddle

On a sunny day (Sat, 5 Sep 2009 16:04:05 -0400) it happened "Martin Riddle" wrote in :

I already did that one, scroll down to the end of that page:

formatting link

No problem, already wrote that one, here a picture of the LCD: The LCD driver stet machine is in the frequency_counter-0.2.1.bz2 archive, released it under the GPL license,

hehe LOL

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Jan Panteltje

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