RFID antenna design.

Hi All,

I am modifing a RFID antenna.

The sample board work well, however, we did a same board by ourself but the result is bad.

The sample board work range is about 10cm.

My board is about 1 cm.

The big different is our circuit do not use the large capacitor as sample board.

I am thinking that the capacitor is for huge current using when RFID send out power to read tag.

So, the problem should be the capacitor. ( I am trynig to change it to test )

However, beside this capacitor, I heard there is no Banul filter there, and no consider to the 3/4 lamda issue.

Could you please advice what are them ? and how should I get it work better ?

P.S I have only baseband (ADC) EE knowledge background.


Best regards, Boki.

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Hi Boki,

To enable readers to give useful feedback, I think you should provide some additional information (frequency, antenna type, chip, maybe your circuit/layout and evaluation board circuit/layout, etc).

Best regards,


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Hi Win,

2.45GHz. It is a print board antenna. It seems we don't need to use Balun filter for RFID, right ?

Best regards, Boki.

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