RF (TV) Splitter Question

Am I correct in assuming that the typical TV RF splitter is bi-lateral... the loss from any one port to another is the same? ...Jim Thompson

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Jim Thompson
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Two-port (and 4, and 8) splitters, usually. There are splitters that have asymmetric outputs; a 1-to-3 unit here is labeled -7dB/-7dB/-3.5dB.

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Typically they're something like this inside

in out1 :: _| |_ :: ::(________):: ::(_ _):: ::(_ | :: :: | out2 === _|_ ///

Turns count as drawn on ferrite bead cores. so yeah with 75 ohms on all three ports loss will be about the same each way.

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Jasen Betts

No The loss between the input and the 2 outputs is nominally equal and bi directional. The loss between the 2 outputs is higher. The circuit tries to provide isolation between the 2 outputs.


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