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palin is hot.

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. They paint > her very much as a reformer, but unfortunately also very much a part of > the "old boys network" as well -- it's just that her "old boys" are her > old high school classmates, and they haven't (yet) become particularly > corrupt. > > I don't think there's any of this sort of dirt on McCain. > > There's plenty to admire about Palin, certainly, but unfortunately both > parties are very much guilty of exaggerating their own accomplishments and > taking the words and deeds of their opponents out of context. Early on > the republicans seemed to be doing more of this than the democrats, but it > now looks like Obama is rapidly catching up. > > Of course, I suppose elections would be quite boring to the average > American if it wasn't so much of a Jerry Springer-esque spectacle. > > Here's a recent whopper by Palin: >
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("Alaska > supplies 20 percent of U.S. energy...") > > ---Joel >
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Good reason to flirt with her, but not a good reason to elect her VP. :-)

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Joel Koltner

She has prepared a large scale budget before, something which neither opponent can claim, much less their running mates.

What is one of the VP's action items on his task list upon entering office?

Oh yeah.... that's right.... budget preparation.

That alone is reason enough.

EVERYTHING the "Retard For Change" "offers" is going to make the situation the country is in WORSE.

He is NOT the man for the job, and never will be. No man in there right mind could claim that the idiot is capable of making a proper decision regarding the monster that this nation is... and always will be, even if the idiot does get in.

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There's a first time for everything?

With lots of help. Plenty of new VPs have prepared budgets without having done so previously, after all -- I have no doubt that both Biden and Palin could manage to pull it off.

Perhaps... that's the "fun" of a democracy. :-)


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Joel Koltner



HOW DARE YOU! Support both candidates like that! How un-American of you!!!



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Tim Williams

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