Re: Stiff Wire and Tight Toroids

The trick to twisting wires is to spin the individual

> strands and let then rotate around each other. The Boy > Scouts showed me the tool, made of two pieces of plank and 3 > bent sections of coat hanger wire, that they use to make > rope, this way, from 3 strands of twine. But I have > approximated the effect by turning the three strands, > together, at one end, while letting the other ends rotate, > individually. But it is hard to keep much of a length from > tangling with three ends spinning around.

I used to twist cables by winding them backwards a few turns to pre-tension them before combining them , I'd tie one end to a suitabkle anchor (letterbox, doorknob etc) and hold the pre-tensioned wires in a clamp (bench-vise, teeth etc) and do the twisting by hand or with a hand-operated-drill with a hook in the chuck.

Bye. Jasen

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