Re: Software that filters by message body (was: Anti-Spam Header Keywords)

>>>Another small moment in internet history.

>>>>Spam keywords no longer part of insulting headers >>>>in usenet flame wars. >>>> >JeffM wrote >>I'm going back over this[...] >>

Jim Thomps>Why are you posting from GoogleGroups ?:-)

The read-from-anywhere aspect and the gets-around-blocking thing make it convenient for me. I do a lot of searches, so I'm already there for that. I also find bookmarking Google Group items (with keywords highlighted) convenient to use to metaphorically "jot down" things.

Mark's choice of software (and others with similar capabilities) are something I want to add to my Bookmarks for reference.

In the past, I never filtered mechanically

--even when I was using a real newsreader (and didn't with Outbreaks in Excess before that either).

These days I'm thinking seriously about one of the browser filters to use with Google's interface.

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D from BC wrote:

Yeah. As I mentioned to JT, I haven't bothered to filter in the past even when the ability was easy to implement.

We're pretty much in agreement here. With the recent increase in crap, what interests me is *options*.

*Well-documented* options would be especially nice.
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8-( In that vein, I was thinking of a wiki page similar to
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*-Gravity+Free+GPL+Microsoft.Windows+501+501+*-Agent+Xnews+Pan+Thunderbird+Traditional.Newsreader+501+Combination+501+501+501+Cross-platform that concentrates only on the filtering capabilities of the various softwares.

If anyone knows of such a page elsewhere, I'd be interested in that as well.

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MANY news servers (I use forteinc) can be reached from anywhere, and don't require a web interface which, IMNSHO, sucks the big lemon.

I also utilize a reachable-anywhere (including from my cell phone) smtp/pop server (GoDaddy).

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