Re: I think I'm going to be sick...

> > > >> > > [snip] > >> > >>One good thing about the election--at least our Democrats > >>are finally happy. For a while. Of course it won't > >>last...they're happiest when they're gloomy. > >> > >>Best, > >>James Arthur > > > >Lefties like to describe conservatives as dour, prudish, uptight, > >selfish. The reality is the reverse. > > > >Now that's funny. > > > >John > > > > And "liberals" (aka leftist weenies/wimps/fairies) are, in reality, > the most racially prejudiced bunch walking the face of the earth.

You can bet your boots on that one. More than one acquaintance in VT[*] whispered "you know there are a lot of blacks down there" ("yeah, and?") when they found out I was moving to AL.

[*] The whitest and weeniest state in the union, home of Howie (The Lung) Dean, Pat (The Leak) Leahy, and Bernie (Obama makes me look conservative) Sanders.
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