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> >> As an assignment I have to design a CCD Sensor based FPGA digital > >> Camera. However, the Camera will be exposed to XRAY (It will be placed > >> behind an Imaging Intensifier). Does anybody know how XRAY affects the > >> electronic circuits (The CCD Sensor and the FPGA ). What type of noise > >> should I expect and what should I do to prevent it. > >> Thanks in advance > > > > Is it internal flash or external flash? If anything, flash would be > > the weakest link. > I would think an old fashioned tube camera with tube amplifiers > would be the most radiation resistant. >

Vidicon tubes! I haven't seen one of those in a whole lot of years but I'm so happy everythign is CCD now.

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As you did not mention it, perhaps it is yet unknown: The 'NASA office of Logic Design' did quite some studies about the influence of differend kinds of radiation on both off-the-shelf and 'rad hard' types of electronics. Did not see anything on CCDs, but FPGAs seem to be definitely in scope there.

There's loads of information about their results and learned lessons on

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, which is their web site.

Hope this helps, Thiemo

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