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>Strange, but I can't seem to Google the proper body drill size for a >#8 sheet metal screw thru about 1/8" thick plastic material. > > ...Jim Thompson

I've never thought to do use Google for this info - I've always used a dial caliper to measure the diameter, and drill a hole from the next larger drill size.

(after reading the whole thread)

I've always approximated pilot holes to the "body" (not count>

> >>You say "thru". Do you want the clearance through hole or a tap into the >>plastic? >> >>In either case,
formatting link
and then to "Jim's Engineering Page" >>where there is an Excel spreadsheet with through hole and tap hole drill bit >>references. >> >>Jim > >Thanks! I really needed "tap", rather than through-hole, just another >senior moment ;-)

I've heard the term "Google fu" used for the ability to drive Google well. I suppose that comes from Kung Fu (cue the song "Kung Fu Fighting") Anyway, the following keywords brought me to (among others) the following link which mentions plastic:

tap hole size chart plastic

formatting link

But then again, that assumes you'll use a machine screw, and that you'll tap the hole (with a real tap, not the screw!) after drilling. I gather from other responses that using a sheet metal screw in the way you described may be bad engineering...

>But that (yellow ?:-) background color could easily make one have >hallucinations ;-) > > ...Jim Thompson
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