Rx Aurel module and Rabbit RCM3700

Hi everyone! I have the following question: I need to interface an rx module RF from Aurel (RX-4M30RR01SF) with a Microcontroller from Rabbit Semiconductor, the RCM3700. More specifically, the AUrel moduel receives a signal from a 4-channel remote, still from aurel (TX3750-AC SAW433), and according to this signal the Rabbit will activate/deactivate the related controls. My REAL problem is understand which kind of signal comes out from the Aurel RX , and how to let the Rabbit understand it! If someone had similar exepriences , and could help me, I would appreciate it so much! Even a simple web link, where to learn more on this subject, evrything is welcome.

So, thanks everybody since now, cheers,


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The signal out will be a logic 0 or 1 (0.1v or 2.2v) although Aurel don't seem to have a datasheet for this module. The frequency will be 0.1 to kHz see shortform

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I looked at the Aurel parts a few years ago but decided to use RF Solutions instead. How can any manufacturer can hope to sell modules and not release a datasheet?


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