Point-to-Point Network

Just like internet web-servers, our mobile hand-sets can act as host for our personal web-pages. The memory card installed on hand-set will decide the size of the personal web-site. The pages can be in "html" format as usual. The communication software installed on hand-sets will facilitate transfer these files from one hand-set to the other. If required, receiving hand-set can be connected to personal computer so that downloaded pages containing graphics also can be viewed properly. Communication software using standardizd communication protocol can be integrated with Point-to-Point Browzer. Advantages : 1. This networking is independent of Internet.

  1. Hacking is somewhat less (at least in the beginning).
  2. Large number of pages can be on-line.
  3. Utilisation of telephone lines will improve.
  4. Web-servers, routers, hubs etc. are not required.
  5. Gate-keepers of information will have to join hands with Telephone companies. Disadvantages : I need not disclose them. Anyhow, you are going to point them out !
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