OLED module on PIC1F

I rewrote the PC C test code in PIC18 asm

This shows the OLED connected via i2c to my PIC programmer NOPPP programmer)

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This demos several text modes, top line is normal (very small), second line is double width, forth line is text string from PIC code memery (FLASH), line 4 is double height, line 5 is double height and double width.

There is no shortage of brightness, contrast is 50%

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The asm code is available here:

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The driver is not finished, this text comes just from a test routine at the end of the code. The same code also holds the GPS parser for the EM-411 GPS module at 4800 Bd. It is not interfaced, I took it from an other project.

Next will be to display GPS coordinates on the OLED, then I need to add 24LC1025 logging (same i2c bus), and port the PIC 16F690 (IIRC) Geiger counter code and HV controller to this, and then add the SDcard driver... (SDcard sockets have arrived).

So for those who want some PIC18 asm examples how to drive this OLED module, this code may be of value. I did not optimize anything, and used 32 bit math everywhere, so, and it still can display > 10 fps on that OLED My code is released under the GPL (license).

mm dinner time. :-)

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