Old one but still funny at times!

And yes, it does have some electronics chatter in it, so it's on subject! :)

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Maynard A. Philbrook Jr.
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The history of various versions of this is amusing also.

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Thanks for posting that. I have NEVER heard of a turboencabulator before! Especially, the GE manual!

Reminded me of Ed Sullivan's interview with Prof Corey [humorous gobbledygook professor] Where the comedian describe his technique and how amazed he was when he gave such a presentation at a Doctor's prestigious Medical Conference [invited by someone obviously with a sense of humour] After his absolutely blather presentation he had many doctors thank him for his presentation and over four doctors come up and specifically accolade him for so clearly presenting the information, as in, "most clear presentation of that subject I've ever heard." They were serious, not matching wit, too.

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When I first saw the turboencabulator, it wasn't Chrysler, but Rockwell Automation doing the spoof.

I still have a copy of the video.

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Fred Abse

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