my leds are dim. please help.


i have a circuit based on a chip on a chip manufactured by "LAN" "EM7BM611ABMJ

0714LBJC07A32" is written on the chip but cannot be found online.

the chip is used to light 9 leds using a software located on my pc. the pcb is connected by USB.

the original wires were replaced by me each led is connected to a separate leg of the chip but they all share one common "ground" (-) wire

all the leds are dim except of two who are alittle brighter but not to bright.

when i tried to connect the leds in an opposite direction they light well, but only one can be on at any given time. does anybody have any idea or solution to this problem? If there are any details missing just tell me and i'll provide them. thank you very much, os

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