My friend Will Connelly

Years and years ago I used to work in the Ocean Technology Division of an outfit named "Tracor Marine" in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and my friend, Will Connelly, headed up marketing.

Then my paramour, (now my lovely wife) Gail, was in charge of the company newsletter, the "Barnacle Bull", and in it was one of those puzzles where if, in the grid, you could find your name horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, you'd win $5.

Will sent a letter to the editor of the Barnacle Bull with something like:

"I was pleased to find my name in your esteemed rag. Please remit my $5 immediately.

Sincerely, Hdpe Fofnye."

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John Fields
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That's funny I had a Transsylvanian ancestor named Ldpe Fofnye.

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Sno-o-o-o-ort! Now THAT'S really funny! I had some of those ancestors too ;-)

...Jim Thompson

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Jim Thompson

That must be the reason that you love to grill 'Stakes'.

Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I\'ve got my DD214 to
prove it.
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Michael A. Terrell

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