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Hi all,

I want to display data from my system, which has 8-bit microprocessor , to TV set.

the data would be table of char and number only , they are colour, not black and white.

I would really appreciate simple solution for this, perhaps single chip solution.

Thank you in advance PadMow

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If you want to use the aerial / antenna socket to do this, be aware that TV resolution is rather poor. I also doubt you'll get a single chip solution, it's not that trivial a task.


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Pooh Bear


I guess if you want to use a single chip, an OSD processor does more or less what you want. You could have a lool at the Philips SAA567x/SAA569x family.


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Sylvain Munaut

There's an example of an old- fashioned 'tennis' type video game (c.

1972 vintage) in the Texas MSP430 examples. It shouldn't take too much to tweak that to output characters from a LUT instead of moving 'bats' and 'balls', with RGB outputs for the colour.

Paul Burke

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Paul Burke

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