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Hi I'm designing the lighting system for a hospital. can seem to find the recommended lighting levels for the X-Ray room. Does anybody know.



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Toss a couple Jacob's Ladders in the corner and you're good.

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Ok... I got a chuckle from that.. :)

Not as funny but a little goofy.. I suggest...

  • Visit another hospital X Ray room for a lighting example.
  • What's wrong with a dimmer? Let the patients adjust their own light.
  • Bright enough so people can see the warning labels on the X ray machine.
  • Modern X-ray equipment is sensitive to room light? Read the manual.
  • Bright enough so as not to have accidents and lawsuits.
  • Light perception decreases with age.. So its gotta be bright enough for them too.

D from BC British Columbia Canada.

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D from BC

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