LCD burn in fixed.

Today I fixed a mag 17" lcd monitor.(p700) The initial problem was that it would turn of unexpectedly. It would turn of almost mediately when resolution was changed to higher from 800x600.

When this shut of happens I can still see the image in the dark screen when shining light in it.

I know that capacitors are more likely the problem.And sure enough when I got inside I can see one capacitor blowed up. It was the

470/25v capacitor.There is six of them in group.I purchased the replacements in radio shack (470/35v) .total 8$ Problem fixed....

BUT. This monitor also head major burn in image of some windows frames.

When I had it apart I removed the anti glare (was scratched up) using the water technique. some water got under in the layers of back light filters so I head to get in it and dry it off with paper towel.

When I put all this together I ended up fixing not only the monitor el. problem(capacitors),sharp appearance of images(anti glare) ,but also the burn in image was gone?!!!!!(anti glare or filters).

I was surprised , I always heard that burn in image is a pixel problem. But now it was gone. Was it the anti glare or filters? who knows.

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