I have a headache

Lots of congeners in red wine. Very bad for headaches - migraine too if you suffer.

OK - good red wines taste nice. Thinks Rioja and Barolo. Nice 'robust' reds ! ;-)

That'll be the alcohol talking.


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Pooh Bear
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Avoid the bottles with the screw caps.

Thanks, Frank.
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Frank Bemelman

And this red wine is not helping, but at least it tastes nice.

Oh, and BTW, I am hungry too.

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The Real Andy

Right. Bad cork ruins several percent of bottled wine.

Just had some 2000 Dog House merlot: cheap, good, and easy to open.


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John Larkin

Natural cork has become VERY expensive. But I prefer plastic corks to screw caps.

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Jim Thompson

Chateau Ripple, vintage Thursday, is cheap and easy to open too. Two out of three...

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Actually, screw caps are getting very popular here in AU. A lot of the good wines are coming out with them now.

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The Real Andy

Also very convenient for keeping insects out during al fresco meals.

Regards Ian

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