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I had a chance to take a look of a typical analogboard circuit diagram of a system having Television Receiving unit. There is a tuner front end mounted on the analog board. Accoring to circuit diagram, there is the antenna connection into the front end module and SIF and CVBS output from it. It is controlled by I2C input. What I would like to know there is why the front end needs a voltage as high as 33V. And I would like to know the I2C control scheme (how it is controlled digitally, and what are the parameter that can be controlled in the tuner?) of the Tuner Front End Module. Although I google the data, until know I only got the general conceptions or overview of the Front End System. I would like to have the basic information to design such Tuner Module with I2C control scheme to expand the scope of design knowledge. Can anybody show me the way or the site or anything? Regards

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Xceive's part doesn't need much external RF stuff ... just hook up the antenna and go.

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The SIF signal on the module you have is really 2nd sound I.F. (4.5,

5.5, 6.0 or 6.5 MHz, depending upon the channel standard) You will need to connect an analog audio demodulator IC to this signal if you want stereo.

If you want to learn more about I2C control of the PLL synthesizer inside the tuner, open the tuner can and look up the data sheet for the chip connected to the SDA and SCL signals.

I'm not sure tuner design is something you can reference on the web in one neat package. Where would you like to start?


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