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Does anyone know of a temp sensor and/or accelerometer that can communicate over ethernet... or maybe a simple microcontroller that can hook up to some sensors and output the data over ethernet?

Much thanks!

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Well, an ethernet camera can be aimed at a liquid-in-glass thermometer, or weight-on-spring accelerometer, if you just need a one-off. Most accelerating items aren't really suitable for a wire tether, and few uses of a thermometer need LAN connectivity. My kitchen candy-making doesn't need an Internet connection, for instance.

Every 'simple microcontroller' can hook up to some sensors and output data.

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A Raspberry Pi would easily do that

Just search google and you will get many hits with thorough guidance



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Klaus Kragelund

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would be one approach: an Arduino (or similar, such as a Teensy), an Ethernet shield for it, and a simple Arduino sketch (program).

Open a TCP connection to it and it'll read the analog voltages from the 6 Arduino analog-input pins, and reply with the voltages.

You could either do the voltage-to-sensor-meaning conversions in the sketch, or do them on whatever client system is being used.

Feel free to change the output format from HTTP-style to anything else.

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Dave Platt

Any of the ESP32-based boards (OK they're Wifi, not wired ethernet) could easily do it...

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I like the camera! LOL!

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< accelerometer that can communicate over ethernet...

While creating my 14 sensor TH-stick a few months ago, I considered adding an accelerometer sensor. All 14 parameters were well suited for periodic sampling, e.g., every 10 minutes, saving power, I2C data communication and processor time. But the accelerometer was another matter. In one form, it samples continuously. In others, it's smart enough to run sampling itself, reporting maximums, etc. Power consumption is an issue. In the end I discarded the whole idea.

    - Win
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Winfield Hill

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