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the 10/100 Ethernet switch chips have become commodity, I want to know which are the popular ones. I have found some with PHY buffering included etc., I just want to know which parts are easy to find, which are made by > 1 source etc. I am looking into 5-port switches. Any shared experience greatly appreciated.



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The Davicom DM9000 or DM9010 are very common, and have PHY+MAC. If you want just PHY, then the DM9161 is common, or the Teridian 78Q2123 is very popular.


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But none of these are switch chips.

Have a look at:

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have a look for the ADM6996. I never used it, but it seems to be used in a lot of products. Don't know if there is a datasheet or you can get it in small quantities...



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Martin Maurer

Marvell has ARM9 based SoC which has 6 Ethernet ports with PHY and Linux support too. This is used in one of the most successful SOHO router device.

They might provide you the datasheets without NDA. Talk with the customer support and get the material.

Use of this chip will reduce your product form factor a lot in addition one of the port has MII and reverse MII capability. This will help you to expand your device to add external switch and make it scalable too.

Regards, Parav Pandit

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