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Dear All, How does a dud detector work? Hoe does it sense that there is no vacuum inside a sealed bottle? Thanks

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Works a lot like an oil leak: just find where the vacuum has dripped out onto the surroundings.

Cleaning up spilled vacuum is what you use a vacuum cleaner for.


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Tim Shoppa

And if it has been diffused, you need a diffusion pump.

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Michael A. Terrell

I don't know what a dud detector is. You could sense that a sealed bottle doesn't contain a vacuum by its heavier weight (assuming the container weight is known to some precision), or by some acoustic test. One liter of air weighs about 1 gram more than one liter of vacuum.

-- John

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John O'Flaherty

It looks for the Pete, they are usually together.


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martin griffith

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"The SNS 27 measures the jar lid center depression . In case the jar is without vacuum the jar will automatically reject from the line. The depression of the lid's center is measured by analog displacement sensor. The measurements processed by PLC, which detect a bad jar."

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Why does this frighten me? ;-)

Thanks! Rich

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Rich Grise, Plainclothes Hippi

Did you have bad experiences with pickle jars as a kid?

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