Demolishing electronic equipment

I often demolish various electronic equipment items, such as (recent examples) radar test sets, 1969 transistor tester, die evaluators, UPSes, and such. Usually, useful stuff comes out of there that is obvious, such as terminal blocks, switches, power supplies, fuse holders, fuses, screws, aluminum pieces, and such. The radar test set had some interesting high power RF things that I hope to sell one day.

All the above I can use directly or sell on ebay.

Now that I am working on this tig inverter project, I am more interested in pieces such as diodes, resistors, the little bitty things that are mounted on old circuit boards.

I think that it is nice to have a little stash of these boards where I could pick a part or two instead of ordering them and waiting many days until they arrive.

That said, I would like to see if there is a good guide to identifying parts on the web somewhere. Suggestions will be appreciated.

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