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I`ve one question about the external memory interface. When you transmit the data 0x98 via the 16bit databus, which data trace (D0, D1 and so on - until D16) is 1 and which one is 0?

0x98 = 1001 1000

from the datasheet: "For 16-bit devices: the SMC provides NWR0 and NWR1 write signals for respectively byte0 (lower byte) and byte1 (upper byte) of a 16-bit bus ... For 32-bit devices, bits A0 and A1 are unused. For 16-bit devices, bit A0 of address is unused "

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I've one answer about the external memory interface. "Yes it does."

However, that assumes you have connected it up the right way. Of course my answer would have been "No it doesn't" which would also be the right answer if you haven't connected it up the right way.

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