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I'm considering moving my official residence to Florida for tax reasons, but it won't happen right away. In the mean time I'm looking into a virtual office that will allow me to have a FL address and incorporate.

Seems there are any number of places that can be used as a mailing address. Some are even shared work offices at reasonable monthly rates. Anyone have experience with these?

When I check out the address online most are just shipping centers. Others are hard to tell, being someplace in a commercial/industrial building. The shared office locations seem the best. There's one in Jacksonville and I found another in Bradenton which is not too far from some friends.

$10 a month for mail service. I'd still need to pay for a registered agent to incorporate.

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Rick C
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Oh, the irony.


Phil Hobbs

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Phil Hobbs

Do you drive on the roads, use the electricity, drink the water, have kids (yours or your friends/family) in school, use the medical services, use the airport, etc?

You just don't want to pay any more for these services and want them for free.


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John Robertson

Cheep! Cheep!

We're incorporated in Delaware. It makes no difference to the California tax people.

A fake address could and should get people into trouble. It's frank fraud.

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