Byte for byte copy of PCMCIA linear FLASH?

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I am looking for a way to do the above, on an old Intel PM24555 20MB
linear FLASH card.

This is the kind of thing

The PM24555 appears to no longer be made but similar cards do exist. I
can get the PM24555 cards easily enough; it's reading and writing them
which is tricky.

I believe it may be easier under unix but I really want a windows (or
DOS) solution.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Re: Byte for byte copy of PCMCIA linear FLASH?

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When I was playing with the Amstrad PDA 600 I used a dos program that read
and wrote images from/to pcmcia cards.  I had to get a reader that plugged
into a floppy port on the motherboard.  I know it worked on both RAM cards
and the REX pcmcia organiser gadget.  Would that do?

It's on another box that would have top be resurrected, so if yes reply in
the ng and I'll dig it out and email you.

Re: Byte for byte copy of PCMCIA linear FLASH?
I've found out that the PM24555 is the same as IMC020FLSA, and there
are USB2 readers/writers for that e.g.


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