Hi Group, I wanted 2 know how to connect an antenna 2 an amplifier. Will be helpful if shown with a diagram. Should both the leads of the antenna be connected to the amplifier. Thanks in advance.

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** Reminds me of the budding pop music guitarist, who on obtaining his first electric guitar was puzzled why the only connector on the thing was a 1/4 inch phone jack.

Never mind, the enterprising fool soon modified a lead taken from an old appliance to connect the AC mains to a 1/4 inch jack plug.

....... Phil

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Phil Allison

Do you need to be told to which hole you should plug in your antenna?


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Vladimir Vassilevsky

I think what he was saying was "Where do I stick my antenna?"

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whoa, that is question awaiting a troll like answer!

He wants to add an antenna to an amplifier. should be starigh forward, but then again who know what form factor the amplifier is in, and what if he wants good performance?


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