4 Questions on Light



Excluding this reason: Persistence of vision.

Why do *Far* objects appear as "Small" to our eye?


How to determine the "Wavelength & Frequency" of the visible spectrum or most probably for the "Given" light without using the *speed of light* concept?


Hypothetical case: For 10min for the sake of discussion we will think that Light is *particle* in nature

then, how can we explain the concept of *colors* of the light?

Ibn al-Haytham(Alhazen) in his "Book of optics" voted for particle nature, then, why didn't he get any confusion while explaining the colors concept?

so as Newton..too..,


We didn't know what exactly is Light? or atleast what is a Photon?


what's the principle behind the image sensor(CCD) in a camera? On what principle does it work?

(a) particle or (b) wave nature.


thnx for sharing :_)

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