want to replace screen on pager with a larger LCD screen, advice please?

hi all, heres the project i was thinking about doing : I am a member of my local fire department, and when an incident happens, i can have details of the incident sent to my pager. so for instance if there was a fire i would see "Fire at such and such street..." scroll across the screen.

I wanted to find a way to get rid of the existing screen, and replace it with say a 16x2 LCD screen so i can mount the screen on the dashboard of my car. Mostly for the effect that it would be pretty cool looking, but it would also serve the purpose of letting me know whats going on instead of blindly responding to a call.

It seems to me that this shouldnt be an extremely hard task, ive done plenty of wiring in my day, small electronics and such. Im just unsure of how the LCD screen would work.

any help would be GREATLY appreciated mark

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