lcd tft panel sharp model # lq9d161

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 i'm tring to take a composite video signal say from a dvd player and
turn it into a rgb datastream or something this flat panel tft i have
can use to reproduce.

the panel has a 31 pin connector on the back of it and 16 of those pins
are for the rgb, 4 for each ,making up the 12 bit monitor that it is, 2
for the horizontal & vertical sync signals , 1 for the clock signal , 1
 to settle the horizontal display position and a few for power & grds.
the others are test pins.

so looking for a convertor or what i would need to do to accopmlish
this project. thank you very much for your time.

Re: lcd tft panel sharp model # lq9d161

fingaz22 wrote:
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Something like this board set may work for you.

I don't work for them but have used one of their other products in the


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