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This may be a strange question...

Does anyone have suggestions on packing and moving Akro-Mills style parts bins? I have a dozen or so that I have collected over the years. The smt parts are all in individual paper envelopes in the drawers and many of the ic's are in foam, so I think they will ship ok. But resistors, caps, etc are just loose in the drawers. I can see that after the movers fumble the boxes they would be all mixed up. I guess I'm trying to figure out if it is worth the time to unload each bin into bags before the move or if the mix-up may be small enough to deal with later. I have also thought about placing a "foam peanut" in each section of the drawer, but don't know if that would help any.



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The whole world is held together with duct tape. ;-)

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Watson A.Name - "Watt Sun, the Dark Remover"



ain't that the truth!!!!

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now i kinda like this idea. i could put a sugar foam peanut in each section of the drawer, then cover the drawer with a piece of that clear tape. then wrap the whole thing in cardboard like someone else suggested. sounds like it would certainly keep the larger parts like pots and big caps in the drawer. i think i might take the time to bag my resistor bins, sorting would be a real pain.

thanks for the suggestions everyone.


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