Motherboard MOSFETs.

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Looking at the MOSFETs on various scrap PC motherboards, those that I can
identify from the part numbers, some reference as being logic level, while
some have VGSthr around 2.5V ish although the datasheet doesn't say in so
many words that they're LL.

Still it seems like a reasonable bet that MOSFETs that are unlikely to have
Vds more than about 30V, probably are.

Am I right or wrong?


Re: Motherboard MOSFETs.

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Those MOSFETs are probably converting the 5V bus into a programmable low  
voltage to drive nearby chips at insane currents.  They will have  
excellent specifications except for Vds.

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Re: Motherboard MOSFETs.

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Probably the highest Id rating I've seen was 95A, its possible I've seen one  
or two with Vds rating of only 20V.

30V and about 70 - 80A is fairly typical.

Some data sheets for devices I could identify, say in so many words its  
logic level - but not all of them.

AFAICR: the highest VGSthr I've seen was about 4.3V.  

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