more soldering with hot air

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I ment that about the hot air to go out as email to a friend.  As it seems  
there are some here that know about the hot air I have a qusetion about it.
Just starting to play with it myself after dealing with repairs and such for  
about the last 50 years from the tube days to the through hold devices.

As it is just a hobby for me, I bought one of the inexpensive hot air and  
soldering stations for about $ 65 off ebay.  I know you get what you pay  
for,but this is just for the house and hobby and learning.

I checked the soldering iron with a T\C and it holds the heat very close to  
the display on the unit.  I am having a hard time getting a handle on the  
hot air gun temperature wise.  Tried several things such as just the T/C in  
the air stream and putting it in an alligator clip to help absorbe the heat  
and even it out.

Depending on how close I hold the air gun and the air flow the temperature  
is all over the place, but mostly from about 20 to 100 deg C over the  
Where or how far away should the air stream be for the T/C to get the  
temperature to come close to the indicated temperature.   I noticed that on  
YOu tube the higher Hakko units don't even seem to have a read out,just  
numbers from 1 to 8 on the dial.  I wish that I had some of the melt sticks  
like we used at work years ago to see how hot the ICs are really getting.

I am gettin good looking joints on the scrap boards I am learning on, but  
have not tried it out on any 'good' boards where I can check to see if I am  
burning up the ICs and capacitors.  I did check a few of the resistors after  
removing and installing them a few times and the resistance does not seem to  
change,but it only takes a few seconds to melt the solder on them.

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