Looking for programming algorithm for Harris 7685 PROM

Hi, i have to program some PROMs for a HAM-Radio equipment. I have M3-7685-5 PROMs (2048x4) from Harris which are pin- and read compatible (but not write compatible) with 82S185 and others.

But, because i have no PROM-Programmer, i will build one by myself. So i am looking for a Datasheet or/and a specification of the programming algorithm for the Harris 7685 PROM.

Is anyone out there who has an old Databook from Harris ? Many Thanks. Michi

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That brings back old memories. All of our old Harris data books have been trashed. Harris had a big problem with all of their PROMs: they grew back after programming. We quit using them for that reason.

The first Data Books from Harris gave instructions on the programming protocol. The book indicated that these were the easiest and most forgiving devices (as far as programming parameters) in the industry.

These PROMs were the > Hi,

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