Sony ACX705AKM lcd display

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Someone mentioned this lcd a while back, and out of curiousity I
looked up the datasheet on it.  I'm very new to electronics, and I
have no delusions of being able to actually use one of these just now,
but I'd like to understand (at a very high level) how they work.

There were specifications for a master clock, a horizontal sync, a
vertical sync, and rgb info.  So, what I gathered from this document
is as follows:

1.  Each tick of the master clock, the rgb info is read for a pixel.
2.  At the end of each row, a vertical sync is done (which is a
specific set of signals lasting some number of ticks of the master
3.  After every 200 lines, there is a vertical sync (which is again a
little routine that is performed and lasts a predefined number of
clock ticks)  This seems a bit strange to me since there are 160 lines
in the display, but maybe that kind of thing is normal.

Anyway, I know most of you probably have not looked at the specs for
this lcd, but does this sound like generally how they work?


Re: Sony ACX705AKM lcd display
Sounds like  it is emulating a TV display. I'm assuming you meant that a
horizontal sync is done at the end of each line.   :-)

On a regular TV, there is a period of time where the electron beam is "moved"
from the bottom of the screen to the top. This is what vertical sync is. This
is mostly why there is  a difference between the number of lines total and the
number of lines displayed. TVs also turn the beam off a little before reaching
the very bottom of the tube and don't turn it back on until several lines after
the beam reaches the top. The total time between turning the beam off to
turning back on is called the vertical blank period.

Re: Sony ACX705AKM lcd display (Gary Kato) wrote in message
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I was thinking of rows and columns.  I suspect this is a joke at my
expense, however I don't know enough about it to get the joke :)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

After Looking back at the document, your exactly correct.  The sync
happens, between each refresh of the screen (maybe using the wrong
terms again), and there are some "extra" rows in there.

Thanks very much for the help in understanding this.

One other question ... There are 2 conections labeled MIC1 and MIC2
with no further explaination.  Any idea what those would be for?
Again, just curiousity.


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